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Mecha Panda Publishing

What Brings You Here Today?

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The Stories

Explore the worlds of science fiction with us as we craft stories which dabble in all things speculative. Like flying cities? Robots? Technology? Then our catalogue is for you.

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The Audio

Want to hear something awesome? Enter Pondo’s Playground, the podcast about story elements, off topic tangents, occasional insight and everything in between.

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The Curiosity

Just want to say hi? Learn more about all of us at Mecha Panda Publishing, and feel free to browse through our list of upcoming projects. We’d love to hear from you.

New and Featured

Our Fiction Formula

**Please note that percentages are approximate**
We love science fiction, but it isn't the only thing we're exploring.
  • Robots? Flying Cities? Futuristic Technology? We're in. Bring on the dystopian and let there be adventure.

  • We're experimenting with this. Who doesn't like feeling the shivers every now and then?

  • We love sub-plots. Always have and always will. One day we might even be brave enough to take on a novel.

  • We love stories and that means we aren't ruling out anything. Genres are like guidelines. Lets explore them all.

Who Are We?

That can be a complicated question.


Creative Director
An author, artist, and occasional poet, Tiffany was born and raised on Canada’s west coast. She cites science fiction as her favourite genre and loves exploring ‘what if’ scenarios.


Marketing Director
Currently completing her Undergraduate Degree in Communication, Amanda is a competitive curler and yoga enthusiast. She loves all things promotion.


Podcast Producer
Amateur artist, lyricist, musician, and aspiring voice over actor. An alumnus of the acting program at the Vancouver Film School. Steven really enjoys writing prompts.


Podcast Host
Jon is an aspiring author, and is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. His genre of choice is fiction. Ironically, Jon hates reading.

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