A Day in the Life of Ava: Part 2

We’d like to welcome our podcast host Jon as our guest blogger for a second week. Here is the second installment of the two-piece story arc featuring his beloved cat Ava.

The human has moved since Ava fell asleep. It joins her on the sitting room bed, holding the black thing it normally holds while staring at the moving light box. It scratches her chin a little when she starts moving, as recognition of her presence. Ava stretches out her neck as far as she can to get the scratches in all the right places. Eyes closed and purring, Ava is content with this arrangement. However, all good things come to an end, and the human returns its hand to the black object and vocalizes to the light box. Ava doesn’t fully understand the noises the human makes, but she knows the basics. Her name, food, even the phrase “bedtime.” Usually those words are usually followed by going into the human’s sleeping room.

The human stands and says the only other phrases Ava knows, which really are two ways of saying the same thing: “You wanna get high?” or “Want some nip?”

It’s an odd thing to vocalize, but Ava plays along. Meowing while watching the being reach for the hidden container of the green yummies. It sprinkles the nip on to a low platform Ava usually gets treats and nip on, and Ava’s face is buried quickly. Hind end in the air from scratches while eating the nip. Ava is so pleased with her offering, she rolls in it, partially as a means to store it for later and to show her acceptance of it. Ava stays long after the human returns to the sitting bed, and it’s focus is returned to the light box.

Some time has passed, and Ava has settled in her high bed that looks out to the world outside.

There are no birds, so Ava can enjoy her view. Small, unknown, humans move around below. Unaware they are being watched. But then, a sound from behind her catches her attention. The summoning stick is in the human’s hand. The red dot is near.


The sound of the red dot. Ava stands, looking for it.

It’s fast, it always escapes. Today will be different.

She spots it, she makes her way to the floor quickly. Letting out a small cry, as if to prepare it for death. It’s still, she watches, waiting. First to move, first to die. She lowers herself, into a pounce ready position. It moves. Slightly. Cocky thing gets a bit closer, Ava jumps. Sliding her out-stretched claws to grab it. But nothing. It’s beside her, bobbing slightly, taunting her miss. She grabs again. It’s moved to the wall. Clearing the distance, she jumps again. Still nothing.

This epic battle rages on for what must feel like days to Ava. She’s tired, but the dot hasn’t slowed down. It’s hopeless. She meows in her frustration and makes one last big attempt to scare it off. Chasing it, no stops, until it reaches the wall and vanishes.

Safe for another day.

Beside the light box there is a low black cube. It beeps and makes strange noises, but it also shoots warm air out the back of it. Ava jumps up to the cube and sits on top of it. Giving the floor one last look over, the coast is clear. Human sits again and grabs that black thing and the warmth of the box increases slowly. Ava rests, slowly slipping into sleep again. Warm air hugging her while she sleeps.