A Day in the Life of Neo

The music plays and my person wakes up. I don’t know why, but he always gets up so much earlier than everyone else. I jump up onto the bed and lick his face. You see, it’s my job to make sure he’s up. It’s sort of an unspoken agreement. Once he’s up it’s time for his smelly drink. Every morning, he has one or two. I don’t see the appeal. My person sometimes forgets to finish and runs out the door. So I’ve tried it. Not a fan. Bitter. But then something horrible happens; my person leaves. I don’t know why, I don’t know where, but I do know I don’t like it. And so, the wait begins again for my person to return.

Shorty after, the other people get up. Along with that big red dog. I’ve dealt with dogs before, but they were no threat to me. I was bigger than one, and the other was too old to do anything except bark. I didn’t even know they made dogs this big. I think this one’s out to get me. I run, he chases me. I jump up on the couch, he sticks his nose in my butt. I fall asleep on the big bed by the window, and he just comes strolling in like he owns the place and lays on the bed too. They need to do something about him. I’m serious. Anyways, the woman makes the same drink and then leaves. Wait a minute… The other guy doesn’t drink that stuff, and he’s here all day… Oh my god…. I think I just solved it!

You know, I don’t mind this place. The girls seem to have this place, and that dog, figured out. Ava is kind of like the boss around here. Leah is just lazy. Neither of them liked me at first, but they came around. Now Leah and I like to sleep on the big bed by the window. Ava and I enjoy napping in the messy blankets of the people’s bed. And they have this small bed that’s at the top of everything! You have to jump up two posts to get to it, but it’s the greatest thing ever. That stupid dog cant reach you, theres a great view out the window. Sometimes, theres these birds that come around. Leah wants to kill them. I think they know there’s a cold invisible wall, keeping us from getting to them.

    After a long hard day of napping, in various locations, my person comes home. He always forgets to greet me, so I have to yell to get any sort of attention. Finally, once he notices me, he picks me up and once he’s on his bed,  I get to do what I’ve waited for all day. Lick his chin! My person is back, and I have to make sure he’s back. Ever since I was little, and it was just me and him, he’d come home and I’d get to lay on his chest after a long day of being alone, and lick his chin. Life is good.