A Question About Heroes

Here at Mecha Panda Publishing we often find ourselves pondering on what it means to be a hero. No matter who we ask this question to, the answer always seems to differ from person to person. What makes us follow a character’s journey from beginning to end? Is it their demeanour? Their charm? Their awkwardness?

What makes a hero a hero? This feels like an impossible question. One which Urban Heroes by T.J. Lockwood tries to answer.

Although the answers to the previous question vary in scale, there is one general consensus:

Everyone is the hero of their own story.

Even villains. Sometimes it is hard to tell the two apart. Calista Ridley walks a line which blurs with each step she takes. Both she and her companion, Axton, look at the world without the fluff and try their best to mind their own business. Are they heroes? Villains? This is for the reader to decide.

We hope you will enjoy this story as much as we do. Flying Cities? Androids? Gauntlet Weapons? This is definitely the kind of stuff we love.

Praise For Urban Heroes:

“Urban Heroes was a quick gripping novel!

The pacing was amazing. I had no trouble connecting with Calista. Connected right away, just from a brief exposure from her was enough. Invested enough to go through till the end.

Would I recommend it? Yes.”

– The Bookish Wisps

“TJ Lockwood again delivers steady science fiction to satisfy the reader who aches for something quality that’s grounded in another time and place.”

– JD Dehart 



Urban Heroes comes out June 14, 2018 on Amazon, Kindle, and in a bookstore near you!