Led by Pondo, the big metal bear with a huge heart, Mecha Panda Publishing
is a unique press located somewhere in Canada just a drive away from an ocean
and one of the most dynamic cities in the country. Its aim is to create memorable
content in digital, print, and audio mediums for everyone to enjoy. The
main genre is Science Fiction, though Pondo may branch out from
time to time.

In the beginning…

Founded in 2017, Mecha Panda Publishing commits to producing the best in science fiction.

The weekly podcast Pondo’s Playground will look at the art of storytelling, pushing boundaries and inviting curiosity. The story will go where the story is meant to go and the characters will trudge along like they always do. Join Tiffany, Steven and Jon as they explore the art of the story and dabble in genres that may be way outside their comfort zone.

Blending science, horror and a little bit of romance, the publishing component of Mecha Panda Publishing prints and distributes the work of TJ Lockwood. Her writing dives head first through the many portals of Science Fiction. The first release will be Violent Skies in February of 2018.

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