Amanda, her sister and I all started a town in Animal Crossing City Folk on their old Wii. We have fallen into the trap that is the game… Digging up fossils, catching bugs/fish, and helping out the neighbors, a simple game really. Yet, once it grabs hold of you it doesn’t let go…

Every morning, at about 8am, I start up my file. The first thing I usually do is look for the money rock and any dig spots. Then I check the fossils, look in the lost & found, go dumpster diving, sell anything I may have found, and check the turnip buying price. After that, I may go to the city, organize my house, or go fishing. Before turning it off, I put all my money I made that day in the bank, and crawl into bed.

Currently, there is a section of my white board dedicated to tracking turnip prices (the game’s stock market). I’m constantly being asked how many fossils were found that day, and if this thing has been given to the museum. By this point, all my knowledge of the game has been passed on to the girls, the biggest being how to get the most out of the money rock each day. They have become just as hooked as I am. Now they update the board if I miss something, and we all give each other messages.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it: Amanda, Deena wanted to talk to you about “Flooring”. She asked me to pass that along. 

It’s fun and silly and cute. I love this game. Makes me want to buy a Switch.