After global nuclear warfare, humans have moved underground to survive-though their safety comes with a time limit. Radiation, nuclear winter, and even extraterrestrials all push the countdown closer to its end. Meanwhile, a small group from another planet work to complete their collection of Earthly artefacts and get back home before being discovered. Over time both stories will crossover as each group looks out for their own best interests to not only survive the present, but also make way for the future.

Aftereffect is the first co-authored piece by T. John and Jon Siniecki. The authors have spent the last two years writing and editing After Effect, first as a weekly writing exercise and then as a complete work to be published.


  • Post-Apocalyptic Intrigue: Dive into a world devastated by nuclear warfare, where the remnants of humanity cling to survival in subterranean shelters. Feel the urgency as their safety has an impending expiration date, with radiation, nuclear winter, and extraterrestrial threats counting down the seconds to their doom.
  • Cosmic Convergence: Experience the convergence of two parallel narratives, one from a beleaguered Earth and the other from a group of interstellar travelers. Watch as their destinies gradually entwine, driven by their pursuit of survival and the enigmatic Earthly artifacts that hold the key to their respective futures.
  • Unearthly Intruders: Encounter the mysterious group from another planet who navigates Earth’s post-apocalyptic landscape in secret, racing against time to complete their collection of invaluable artifacts. Their quest to return home is fraught with danger and the constant fear of discovery by the dwindling human population.