Aftereffect Character Profiles – The Oshi Crew


Playful, carefree, but not one to avoid responsibility, Danica is Lex’ most productive scout as far as distance covered is concerned. She is fast, sometimes thorough, and not afraid to mingle with humans. As a Zpectrite’s machine, some might say her approach is risky, but she thrives in situations where the possibility of a well-earned reward is on the table. If a movie were to be made of her life, she would be played by Jessica Henwick.


Serious, to the point, and often a stark follower of all rules to the letter, Oren is Lex’ most efficient machine. He has often noted that distractions are pointless and prefers to finish his jobs with little to no deviation. Like Danica, he calls Zairon home and wishes for nothing more than to return to a state of calm and quiet. If a movie were to be made of his life, he would be played by Tenoch Huerta.


Killer, Commander, Child–depending on who you are and were you come from, Lex is whatever her mission needs her to be. As a Zpectrite she is one of the oldest beings in the universe. She is ruthless, calculating, and occasionally emotional–all of which can be dangerous at any given time. If a movie were to be made of her life, she would be played by Indica Watson.