Big Brother Time

So Amanda has me hooked on trash television, and BB21 started this week. This season looks like it should be a fun one. First off, it’s all summer camp themed. I’m a big fan of camping, so I’m invested right there. I particularly like the tree house ladder going up to the second floor, makes me miss the days I had one. Never used it… But still.

I enjoy watching the alliance groups form. Amanda told me that often the pretty people group up, and after the two-night premiere there is a new group of 6 pretty people! Although, in my opinion, there is a girl who is in the group that I think was just in the right place at the right time. I mean, I suppose floating is a legitimate strategy. Example: Last season of Celebrity Big Brother. But I won’t get into that right now. I’m still pretty mad…

I’m excited to see what drama unfolds this summer, cause lets face it ,there will be drama. I have my ideas of who is going to stir the pot, but I gotta wait and see. I think my favorite is when they call a house meeting to “clear the air.” Which really just means call someone out. Not always, but more often than not, a screaming match breaks out. That’s just good tv.

I’m one of those people who watches the show and thinks, “Pfft, I could do that!” But then I really think about it. These people are spending 3 months locked in a house with the same people. Then I quickly think, “Yeah, no.” And then people are always watching you!? That just creeps me out. I don’t even like it when my cat stares at me for too long.