Character Spotlight: Axton

There are few who have been able to successfully evade the prison city of Voltza. Its reach rivals all of the other cities combined. Those who have ever been an inmate know how hopeless it is to run from the Maverick and his guards.
Meet Axton,  a soldier, influencer and a criminal, but you’d never know this by looking at him. His past is a mixture of infamy and rage. He owes his life to Calista, and has pledged to follow her without question. She is the reason they have survived this long, but a criminal is a criminal and he knows that sooner or later one of them is going to have to make a choice.
Voltza is coming for him and he doesn’t want to see Calista caught in the crossfire.
Early praise for Urban Heroes:
“Readers in this genre always demand many things and I suppose Miss Lockwood provided everything. I liked the characters…the way they are described and written, words and phrases used in the book. The style of author writing scenes and story is commendable. The dialogues are beautifully written. The way a relation of Man & Machine is shown is just incredible.
I must recommend this book to all the Science-Fiction Readers!”
– The Literal Arts
Urban Heroes comes out June 14, 2018 on Amazon, Kindle, and in a bookstore near you!

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