Character Spotlight: Calista Ridley

The world is not without law and order. Those who choose to escape their crimes from the sky cities are pursued only by the best and most ruthless of the Maverick’s prison force. Their defiance of the laws are met with the most severe of punishments. Meet Calista Ridley, independent, strong, a survivor, and a former pilot of Voltza. Every decision she has ever made has been for herself and no one else, but it is also because of those decisions that she is on the run from the very city she once called home.

Calista has always believed that heroes simply don’t exist, and that everyone should face the consequences of their actions.

No one is above the Maverick’s judgment.

Along with her companions Axton and Sasha, she wants only to be left alone.

“There are some stories which shouldn’t be told. They’re the ones that will crush you harder than an anvil falling from the sky. Sometimes heroes aren’t heroes at all, and as we grow older we have no choice but to accept that…

I am no legend.”


Early praise for Urban Heroes:

“Urban Heroes was a quick gripping novel!

The pacing was amazing. I had no trouble connecting with Calista. Connected right away, just from a brief exposure from her was enough. Invested enough to go through till the end.

Would I recommend it? Yes.”

– The Bookish Wisps


Urban Heroes comes out June 14, 2018 on Amazon, Kindle, and in a bookstore near you!