Character Spotlight: Ezra

In a world governed by the endless pursuit of knowledge, the keeping of the old world archives fell to those known as Chroniclers. Each carries the same mission to find and record pieces of the past to properly preserve it for the future.

Meet Ezra Kane, a man who loves history, but is unsure of how to go about exploring it. As one such Chronicler, he often leaves his home on Hereford to venture through the remains of the world below. His Brigand is always there to keep him out of trouble. Some call it luck, some call it survival, but Ezra always makes it back to the skies without too many scratches to speak of.

His favourite things? Architecture, Old World Games, and Family.

Side Note: It would not be wise to cross either of his siblings.


Gunmetal Greys is avalable on November 17th.

Stay tuned for more details.