Character Spotlight: Jace (The Package)

“Your shirt. It says Wallflower. That’s what I’m going to call you.”

In a world split apart, where people live both on and above the surface, sometimes it goes without saying that you’ll run into a scoundrel or two hanging out in those sketchy places. Meet Jace, an occasional liar, probable thief, and a man who is pretty much only in it for himself. We say pretty much because there have been moments, very brief ones, where it appears that he does care about others after all. He hates people who tell him what to do, likes smoking cigarettes in the sunshine, and is the one responsible for giving Wallflower a name when she didn’t want to reveal her actual one.

(She’s a private lady, and Jace has never been good at taking a hint.)

Want to know more?

Read about Jace in Violent Skies, the debut novel of T.J. Lockwood.

Violent Skies releases on February 1st 2018 from Mecha Panda Publishing. Pre-order information coming soon!