Character Spotlight: Livia

The world has spent a lot of time changing–taking in the influences of those in power. Meet Cassandra Livia Antonia, leader, alien, refugee, and a woman who sees the world for what it is. As one of the Twelve Generals, she wanted nothing more than to escape war. For years she has guided humans, but now she lets them do as they please.

With the power to manipulate gravity she was once feared on the battlefield by both her friends and enemies alike.

It was power and greed which lead to the destruction of her world and she wants no part in any of it.

Read about her journey in T.J. Lockwood’s The Nature of Gods. Set to release on May 15th.

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In a time of peace and prosperity, the world has come to terms with the powers that rule. Twelve Generals with a common origin guide humanity towards a future away from war and needless conquest. Their desire to live a life separate from what brought them to Earth has led to many early advancements. Still, violence is in their DNA and the peace they’ve created may only be temporary. Arrogance and privilege run rampant in their ranks, and humanity has lost its independence to the beings they see as gods. This is the story of three women who must come to terms with the world they helped create. It is their action and their influence that will shape the future. They will be defined by the choices they make, and the consequences of their actions are destined to last a lifetime.