Character Spotlight: Sasha


The roads beneath the cities can be a harsh place. There’s no telling what kind of people a traveller might encounter. Vancouver may be a giant concentration of population, but it’s surrounding area is all up in the air.

Meet Sasha, a wanderer, a teenager, and a bystander caught in the middle between Calista and Axton. She doesn’t know what’s going on and has little experience of being on the run.

She plays her cards close to her chest and only wants to find a place where she doesn’t have to run anymore.


Early praise for Urban Heroes:

“TJ Lockwood again delivers steady science fiction to satisfy the reader who aches for something quality that’s grounded in another time and place.  The writing is brisk, clocking in at around 140 pages, but this is worth the read…TJ Lockwood does not disappoint.  The book even ends of a propulsive note, leading us to what’s next.” – Reading and Literature Resource Blog

“World building, what had happened between humans and the androids. The depiction of the world, they are in now, the aftermath of all that has happened was good. There was fair news on different sides of the world about what resulted in or what not, there and that. I find it a bit hard to put down. I mean ANDROIDS, SHIPS, GAUNLET WEAPON, AHHHHH! It was not a chore to read.” – Bookish Wisps

“This book is my first read by the author and on-base on the thought, I would say I’m surprised that how talented the author is. I’m a huge fan of this genre for a long time whether in books or in the movies and I have set very big standards for this genre. And the author, at not a single moment lets me down in the book.” – The Literal Arts