Creative Ink this weekend!

The Creative Ink Festival

We’re very excited for the upcoming Creative Ink festival that starts tomorrow. It’s our first time being a part of a large event and we’re thrilled to be a sponsor.

Here are some great tips the organizer shared with us to stay perky the whole weekend:

1. Drink lots of water! It’s important to stay hydrated so you can keep energized and healthy throughout the weekend. Water is brain power!
2. Remember to eat! If you’re staying in the hotel, bring food and take quick breaks in your room to eat. Or, visit one of the restaurants and fuel up! It’s important to stay fuelled to avoid getting overtired or catching con crud!
3. Don’t be shy! Everyone is there to meet new people and have a good time, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.
4. Bring business cards if you’re looking to network! It’s easy to pass on your information that way.
5. If you get business cards from someone, as soon as you get a chance, write a note on the back of it to remind yourself the where/when/what so when you get home later with a stack of business cards, you’ll remember the specifics of each one!

This festival will feature a Merchants Corner (we have a table!), panels, workshops, autographs and even a masterclass from Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. If you’re in the Greater Vancouver Area, we highly suggest coming down and checking it out. Panels & workshops require payment of an entry fee but the Merchants Corner is open to the public all weekend.