Gen Con 2018

A look at my adventure

Part business trip and part family vacation, my time spent in Indianapolis was jam packed. I was able to turn an annual geeky pilgrimage with my father and sister into professional development by attending the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium.  If you have a chance to go, I highly suggest it. The Symposium has something for everyone, with sessions on both the creative and business sides of writing. I was able to attend panels on Patreon, Instagram, current trends in SciFi & Fantasy, Author Bios and freelancing. The panelists brought in for these panels were absolutely amazing – this was the first conference I attended where I felt I learned something new in each session.

I also had the chance to meet E.D.E Bell in person! It was wonderful to get a chance to chat with her about her current and upcoming releases, as well as where a non-meateater could find some dinner. Ms. Bell and our very own T.J. Lockwood have stories in the As Told By Things anthology from Atthis Arts.


Outside of taking my publishing education to the next level, Gen Con was filled with game, games and more games! My sister and I participated in the last year of the Cheese Weasel ConQuest and achieved personal bests in the TGA’s Puffing Billy Tournament. Gen Con really is the best 4 days in gaming and now an opportunity to make new author friends while improving your writing practice.