Introducing: Sunday C0M!CS

With a new year comes some new things, and 2019 is no different. As such all of us at Mecha Panda Publishing are proud to present Sunday C0M!CS, a new segment where we can share our drawing adventures with all of you. Written–and doodled– by T.J. Lockwood, we’re hoping you enjoy these enjoyable little tales as much as we do. So, who are the characters? Let’s find out.


He’s a penguin, he’s an inventor, and he’s setting his sights on some outwordly experiences.


Jellyfish, Magician, and overall people pleaser. All he desires is an audience to entertain.


This Ice Cube goes through life in many states and in many situations. Whether liquid, solid, or vapour, he still appreciates introverted quiet times.

Three characters mean three storylines. 2019 looks like it is going to be mighty fun.