It’s Back to School Time Again

You know, if I knew when I was 10-years-old that I’d still be going to school at the age of 27, I might have actually jumped off a bridge. I hated school growing up and the phrase, “back to school” haunted my dreams. School still isn’t something I enjoy, even though I’m now paying to go, but I’m feeling refreshed after taking a summer off to relax. 

Each year while getting supplies, I set out with good intentions in mind. “This is the year I keep a day planner to track of my homework!” While a pure idea at heart, within a month that day planner is forgotten somewhere under a pile of papers, in a drawer, never to be found again. I will say that I do like getting pens, there really is a big difference between a good pen and a cheap one. I’m fairly broke, however, so I usually end up getting the cheap ones, then I completely abandon them when I find a decent pen left after class. Then that’s the pen I use until it dries out, or I lose it. I wouldn’t call myself a pen thief… More of a pen scavenger. 

With new classes coming up, I’m excited to see what I take away from the lectures. I tend to mentally wander off when a topic comes up I feel might be useful to my writing. An example of this would be when I took Anthropology and in that same semester wrote a piece about a fictional tribe being studied. I missed a huge section of what was being said because I was thinking of all the ways I could take that idea, and when I finished playing in my head and returned to the conversation the instructor finished by saying, “That’s how they all died.” To which I was really taken aback. I’m still not sure what I missed…

If you’re excited for school to start, awesome. If not, sucks to be you. I wouldn’t say I’m excited for this coming semester, but I wouldn’t say I’m not. I’ve just reached a point where I just doing what I need to do in order to graduate. I’m over half way there, just gotta keep plucking away at it. 

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  1. Vicky -

    Good luck for your next year! I always find stationery shopping really fun in the back to year rush- something about all those coloured pens haha 🙂

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