It’s Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

Let’s be real here for a moment:I miss trick or treating. I’m not going to lie. You get to dress up like whatever you want, and then people give you candy cause you walked to their place and showed them what you decided to wear. Downside, I grew up in northern BC which gets pretty cold. Not a word of a lie, I went out in snow once. This is a problem because, warm jackets conceal the costume I had spent all month getting ready. But I digress. 

Last year was Jacob’s first Halloween, so Amanda and I dressed him up as a taco and took him for an evening stroll. Amanda was a taco as well, and I was hot sauce, just to complete the look. However, that wasn’t in search of candy. That was just a walk for the dog. Doing the math, it’s been a decade since I was last out trick or treating. In reality I was probably too old to go out. I mean, I was in grade 12. 

A few of the girls I knew wanted to go out, so I agreed to walk with them (Not getting candy, too old and cool for that stuff). However, right before we were supposed to leave there was a conspiracy against me. The girls decided I needed to dress up and go to the doors with them. Then, the parents brought out a bunch of costumes. But not cheap ones. These were more like the costumes you’d see at Disneyland, or maybe at large parades. No one would be able to tell who I was in any one of them. So, our party was made up of: A cowgirl, a zombie, a salsa dancer, all accompanied by Bugs Bunny. We made an odd group. We had a lot of fun that night. I refused to talk while the head was on, lest someone discover I was far too old to be out. 

At any rate, I hope you all have a great night doing whatever it is you’re doing for Halloween. I wish you much fun, and many scares.