“I’ve gotta be on my way.”

Crimson and clover
saunters through the air—
a melody of fibers;
braided paracord
severed as the tempo
to the fifteen-second ad,
and all I can think about
is Japanese rock music.

The freedom of rhythm
without the burden of comprehension.

No need to weed
through words,
trip over punctuation—
music without translation.
It is a universal story.
Invisible. Untouchable,
with a happy ending
if that’s your kind of thing.

It’s not mine.

I don’t think it ever will be,
and that’s completely okay.

Jacqueline Mei Li is the most recent addition to the Mecha Panda Publishing team, bringing with her a desire to stretch the limits of her craft.

Her chapbook, Paper Ghosts, is part of Mecha Panda Publishing’s Chapbooks for Charity series with all proceeds being donated to support Zajac Ranch for Children.