A Day in the Life of Ava

We’d like to welcome our podcast host Jon as our guest blogger for this week and next week. He’s put together a two-piece story arc featuring his beloved cat Ava.

It’s morning time, and Ava, this young house cat, has discovered she is out of food. She sniffs to make sure she is completely out, and there are no scraps from the previous night. It looks like she’ll have to get more. This is what these cats were built for, they’ve adapted to their environment in order to stay alive. She spots her prey quickly and moves in. Her natural stalking abilities makes approaching her target easy. And with one quick jump, she is on top of her prey.

The prey appears to be unfazed by this, rolling only slightly while it sleeps. Ava is perplexed, but she is determined to eat today. Pinning her prey down, she extends her claws and pokes at her prey’s face in attempt for a response. Her first attempts are unsuccessful, but finally the prey stirs. Ava likes this, she purrs with the promise of food and goes in for the kill. She makes her way up to the face and licks the nose repeatedly. The prey’s eyes open and meets the eyes of its attacker. Still not convinced food is guaranteed, Ava continues her attack until her prey finally starts moving. A successful hunt; Ava will eat today.

Prey has been upgraded to human in the eyes of Ava.

With her hunt over, she sees no need in pursuing it anymore. However, it does go into Ava’s big white bowl room and close the door. Ava sits, staring at the door, wondering what it is these big creatures do in this room when they lock her out. Perhaps she can get in. She reaches under the door, seeing if she can find leverage. However, it is on her third attempt that something pokes at her paw. She desperately grasps to find the cause of this, but it is no luck. Whatever it was is long gone.

Shortly after, the human emerges and speaks her name, to which Ava responds. She receives a head scratch before being left in front of the room. A quick circle of her large white bowl shows no changes have been made to the area, but the sound of water comes from it.

The human sits at a table, making tapping noises on a warm device.

This table is relatively new. It appeared just before the other humans, that she’d never seen before, started showing up. Her mighty legs allow her to jump to the surface with ease. Human pats her head and resumes hitting the warm maker. This particular human has a few warm making things that Ava enjoys. The long haired human that shows up from time to time and takes Ava’s side of the bed has one of these types of warm markers too, but hardly lets Ava close to it.

She circles the table top a few times, rubbing her head against everything to reinforce that she owns it. However, she quickly loses interest in this table top and jumps down. She makes her way over to the sitting room bed and and picks a place to rest her eyes. It’s been a productive morning for her, and she has earned a small nap.

Tune in next week, when Ava sees the dreaded red dot.