Mecha Panda Snow Day

The west coast usually has fairly mild winters, and sometimes I miss the true snow of the north. However, we just got a dump of dry snow. It’s incredible! (For those who may not be sure why I labeled it dry: Dry snow you can make snowballs and snow angels in. If you tried to make a snow angel in wet snow, your clothes would freeze to your body and you’d probably get pneumonia.) I think it’s awesome, but everywhere else is basically shut down. I suppose when a population doesn’t have to deal with something regularly, they aren’t prepared for when it happens. 

Jacob is in his glory. He’s always been a pretty happy dog, but he has this new joy on his face when he starts running. Amanda and I took him to the off leash dog park and all the dogs were having a blast. Digging, sniffing, eating, throwing, and chasing is only a small list of what Jacob has done in the snow. Putting his face in and then plowing through nose first has become one of his new favorite pastimes. It’s just really funny to see him jump around, like a fool, because he’s just so excited about it. 

The cats don’t know what to make of it. I haven’t let them outside, but they did line up along the patio door to stare at the white fluff falling from the sky. However, to be completely honest, that didn’t last long. They sat there for maybe ten minutes, then got bored and each went to their own spot to groom themselves or sleep. I don’t know, my cats tend to not care about much. Sort of a, “Doesn’t affect me? Then it’s not my problem,” mentality. But I think that’s just a cat thing.

So, a happy snow day to you all! Even those of you who may not have snow. I suggest a cup of hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and a good movie. I guess a book would also be acceptable. Ooo, comic books work! Video games are a given. Anime, too. Basically, relax and take in a story. It’s the greatest way to spend a snowy day.