Birthday Interview with our Marketing Director!


Today is May 31 and our Marketing Director Amanda is celebrating her birthday! She took the time to sit down and answer some questions so you could learn a little more about the Mecha Panda team.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a recent graduate from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Communication. Books have always been a passion of mine and I’m excited to have been able to turn that into a business with one of my closest friends. I also work in marketing for a Canadian nonprofit organization and am a competitive curler.

Would you consider yourself old now?

Almost, but not yet 😉

What are some of your favourite story genres?

Mystery, romance, memoirs & biographies, fantasy

What is it that you do at Mecha Panda Publishing?

I handle the  marketing and physical distribution of books. A lot of my time is spent reading up on current publishing trends, scheduling social media posts and communicating with bookstores.

Books or eBooks?

Physical books 100%

How did Mecha Panda Publishing get its name?

Mecha Panda Publishing came out of a conversation during an outing for sushi. Tiffany, myself and another friend were discussing the possibility of forming a hypothetical company. It was decided that our name and mascot had to be both strong and adorable (that was my input). Mecha Panda Publishing brings together our shared love for Pandas and the technology of Science Fiction.

What can you tell us about Mecha Panda’s upcoming projects?

Urban Heroes releases on June 14 (with a launch at Western Sky Books) with the third book to follow in later fall. We’re starting to get out more into the community and are looking at book events to attend which is exciting. Tiffany and I recently did an interview with our Community TV group that was a great experience and talks a bit about where we’re heading. Pondo’s Playground also has some interesting episodes coming up with special guests and new dramatic readings.

Was Pondo your idea?

I wish I could take credit, because he’s so cute, but that was all Tiffany.


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