Meet The Author: T.J. Lockwood

When I was really young I had many aspirations. I still do, to a certain extent, but over the years they’ve definitely evolved into more coherent paths. As a lifelong martial artist I had been on more roadtrips and yearly flights to the United States than most kids ever would in their lifetime. I was a competitor who, at an early age, was learning the concept of choosing when to make a move and when to be patient. Those kinds of lessons are invaluable. The wrong decisions weren’t often repeated. By the age of thirteen I was competing so much that the only thing I focused on was my training. I needed to be faster. Speed was what won matches.

In short, I’m a competitive martial artist, who can’t stomach coffee, and has a genuine dislike for chocolate. White chocolate is the only exception.

Writing came into my life as something to fill the void between when the batteries ran out in my Gameboy and the arrival at whatever tournament I was competing in.


Violent Skies was conceived many years later while working a job in retail. Booklover Book Reviews has that story covered so head on over there if you want to read more about it.



So, what is this series I’m writing? And who are these characters? Well, firstly, it’s not really a series. At least, it is not what I would call a conventional one. Each book is a standalone story divided up into trilogies. Each Trilogy depicts events which all happen at the same time across three books. The Twleve Cities is a series in name only, but really you could pick them up in any order and read without getting lost.


Violent Skies, Urban Heroes, and Gunmetal Greys are all about the events following the fall of flying city number eleven, St. Joseph’s.


Wallflower, Jace, and Polluck are inspired by people just trying to get by, and each of them do it in a very different way. I’ve always had a soft spot for unlikely heroes and odd characters. Believe me, there are plenty in Violent Skies.

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Mecha Panda Publishing and am excited to collaborate with the team on even more projects.


Violent Skies is available now on AmazonKindleKobobooks, B&N, Indigo and other quality book sellers.