New Office Space

Guys, it’s finally happened! I turned the second bedroom into my office. I had always intended to use this space, but it just never worked out. At first we tried it with 2 desks, and sharing the space with Amanda for work. What I hadn’t counted on was the size of the guest bed that was also meant to have its resting place in this small room. So, over the past year I have tried different spots in the living room to set up as my space to work. I liked some more than others, looking outside beats a soft purple wall any day. But I found I never used the space to work. Often I’d do homework on the couch, making the desk more a place for storage than a workspace. 

Over the summer, Amanda’s sister stayed with us. Which then turned the second bedroom into her room. We cleaned and organized it to make her more comfortable. But now that summer is over, she has moved out and the room became available again. Since it went unused before her sisters move, I figured I had grounds to make a case for me getting to use it. I put forward my proposal, with a few extra perks to help tip the scales in my favor. Amanda also thought that it would be good for me to have a place to work, so she agreed. 

So, I had the space, now all I needed to do was set up and I’d be good to go. However, I wanted more. As I mentioned in a previous post, my computer died and T.J had loan me one of hers. This presented a new problem. You see, there was a 32” TV left behind after the move out. I was asked if it would be okay if it was left here. So, I set it up on my desk this the intentions of using it as my new monitor. All was going well until I noticed that there was no HDMI port on the computer. Small hic-up. Not to sound ungrateful, but I really wanted a computer I could call my own again. $300 later, I plugged the HDMI into my new Chromebook, turned on my wireless mouse and keyboard, and I had an office set up at home. 

And I love it!