Pondo’s Playground: Season 2

In the realm of fiction, sometimes we encounter things which we cannot explain. Dimensions shift, science evolves, and occasionally magic mixes with romance to create a scenario which blindsides the reader. The story will go where the story is meant to go and the characters will trudge along like they always do.

Join Tiffany, Steven and Jon as they explore the art of the story and dabble in genres that may be way outside their comfort zone.


Episode List

Episode 52: 80s Anime

Episode 53: Hey Pondo, Whatchu Watchin?

Episode 54: Street Fighter

Episode 55: Star and Moon Jump

Episode 56: From Pocket Monsters to Space Cowboys

Episode 57: Hey Pondo, Whatchu Watchin? (Part 2)

Episode 58: Dragonball Evolution

Episode 59: What We’re Working On

Episode 60: Y2K Anime

Episode 61: Hey Pondo, Whatchu Watchin? (Part 3)

Episode 62: DOA

Episode 63: Fanfiction or Fanservice

Episode 64: Hey Pondo, Whatchu Watchin? (Part 4)

Episode 65: The Survivalist’s Daughter

Episode 66: The Path of Alice

Episode 67: Little Slugger

Episode 68: Guiltless

Episode 69: Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove

Episode 70: A Spatial Surprise

Episode 71: Animation Styles

Episode 72: A Reading by Symthasree Sarojini Koganti

Episode 73: The Sandwich Nazi

Episode 74: Of Soaps, Bubbly And The Chaotic Nature Of Gods

Episode 75: Pride, Prejudice, Knives, and Stuff

Episode 76: Of Violence, Death, and Sex

Episode 77: Gregory A. Wilson – International Man of Mystery

Episode 78: Alanna McFall And Her Fantastic Incorporeal Circus

Episode 79: Traveling Triple-C – Chapter 3

Episode 80: Of Swagg, And Illegal Paraphanelia 

Episode 81: Diamondsong Part 5 with E.D.E. Bell

Episode 82: 2nd Interlude by E.D.E. Bell

Episode 83: Fighting Evil By Moonlight… In An Eva Mech

Episode 84: Shakespeare Is Love And Rage And Stuff

Episode 85: Rambling Like Mad Catz

Episode 86: Media, Anime, and What We’re Watchin

Episode 87: Black Lagoon

Episode 88: Growth in Characters

Episode 89: Of Genre and F-Bombs


Episode 91: Creative Processes

Episode 92: Mortal Kombat Needs The R

Episode 93: Life is Carole and Tuesday – Part 2

Episode 94: Revisiting Horror

Episode 95: DaVinvi Needs a Character on FGO

Episode 96: Spoilers! We Talk About Endings Here

Episode 97:Slay Me MacBeth Senpai

Episode 98: Fantasy, Sci Fi, And KRAMPUS

Episode 99: Patreon Bonus


Episode 101: How The Grinch Stole Our Hearts

Episode 102: Netflix, Animation, and Coppa

Dramatic Readings

Star and Moon Jump

The Survivalist’s Daughter