Pondo’s Playground Presents: A Spatial Surprise

Please join Tiffany and Steven as they chat with Symthasree Sarojini Koganti, a 12-year-old author from Virginia. Her book, A Spatial Surprise, is set to release on May 14th.

Visit www.atthisarts.com to learn more.

Life on Earth is struggling to continue. When a middle schooler, Sidra, is chosen to journey to the planet chosen for Earth’s repopulation, she learns that people-like beings already live there, including her new friend, Tara. The past between both civilizations is rekindled at the Earthlings’ arrival. The two girls, worried for both of their planets’ futures, take matters into their own hands.

A Spatial Surprise is an all-ages sci-fi novella about imagination, discovery, and big dreams. Written for middle grade readers, this tale, told by a 12-year-old author, holds just as much charm for adults or for families to read together.