Pondo’s Playground Presents: Old World Ruins (Part 1)

What we’re attempting to create here is a gateway to another world. Think of the discoveries. We could be pioneers for a new age of science.”

The day the rituals were performed across the globe marked the beginning of a dark era for humankind. In a single moment, one seemingly insignificant cult paved the way for a new breed of monster to walk the planet. Liz is a survivor, but that isn’t the title she would have given herself when it first happened. She was there when one of the portals opened, and has continued to fight the good fight ever since. Her compound is safe, and those living within its walls know it is because of her one rule: life does not continue without sacrifice. For those who survive, there is no exception.

Pondo’s Playground Presents is a series of stories designed to give writers an outlet to experiment and play in genres which may be way out of their comfort zone. This production is the first part of an exclusive audio production. Want to hear the rest? Head on over to our Patreon page.