Pondo’s Playground Season 4

In the realm of fiction, sometimes we encounter things which we cannot explain. Dimensions shift, science evolves, and occasionally magic mixes with romance to create a scenario which blindsides the reader. The story will go where the story is meant to go and the characters will trudge along like they always do.

Join Tiffany, Steven and Jon as they explore the art of the story and dabble in genres that may be way outside their comfort zone.


Episode List

Episode 152: Fantasy, World Building And Happy New Year!!

Episode 153: Fantasy Anime, Maturity with Context and More

Episode 154: Fantasy Anime Movies

Episode 155: Robots as Villains

Episode 156: Morality in Cyberpunk

Episode 157: The One Where Assigned Reading is Actually Decent

Episode 158: World Building Aesthetics

Episode 159: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Episode 160: Catching Up With Anime and The Pandas

Episode 161: Of Food, Burger Buns And The Mounting Tension At The Dinner Table

Episode 162: The Pokesode Part 1

Episode 163: The Pokesode Part 2

Episode 164: The Evolution of the Young Adult Genre

Episode 165: Representation and the Power of YA Fiction

Episode 166: The Mentor Archetype and a Tired Trope

Episode 167: A YA Rambly Rant

Episode 168: What about Scooby Doo?

Episode 169: The Paranormal, but in Good Ole Vancouver

Episode 170: Spooky Scary Vancouver! Terry Fox for the Five!

Episode 171: Discussing Riverview, Superstitions and More!

Episode 172: Graphic Novel Adaptations and the Pain of Knowing Too Late

Episode 173: Invincible by Amazon got us SHOOK

Episode 174: Our First Manga! Love What You Love

Episode 175: Things Always Gotta Get Heated with Anime and Gaming

Episode 176: Updates and the Great Cartoons of the Early 2000s

Episode 177: Les Chevaliers D’Emeraude, Books and More!

Episode 178: Reaction Videos, Stereotype Roles and More!

Episode 179: The Depth of Games Regardless of Gamers

Episode 180: Call to Attention of Short Films

Episode 181: The Novella and the Mini-Series

Episode 182: Sci Fi Anthologies

Episode 183: Jon and His Quintessential Ramblings

Episode 184: Food in Games, Shows and More

Episode 185: Our Feelings on Epilogues

Episode 186: What are the Effects of Bad Epilogues

Episode 187: Prologues, World Building and more Final Fantasy

Episode 188: On the Definition of Prequels

Episode 189: Taking the Narrative to New Beginnings

Episode 190: Sequels, Adaptations and the Cursed Game Movies

Episode 191: Netflix’s Arcane – A Good Adaptation?

Episode 192: Cowboy Bebop Live Action Discussion

Episode 193: Adaptations of Our Beloved IPs

Episode 194: Gaming Adaptations Piss Us Off