Pondo’s Review – Escape



Escape by E.D.E Bell

Diamondsong is a unique epic fantasy saga told in ten parts.


For lifetimes, the Ja-lal have prevented contact with the dangerous fairies of the forest. As tensions grow, those barriers are beginning to crumble. Blending rich worldbuilding with progressive themes, Diamondsong is a tale of power, identity, relationships—and magic.

Dime has just left her career as a Ja-lal Intelligence agent, ready to roll her own dice. When, instead, she’s accosted by winged invaders, some truths quickly fade—while others solidify. Begin Dime’s journey with this unexpected tale of pursuit and discovery.


What a great introduction to the fantasy genre! I grew up staring at my mother’s crowded bookshelf feeling overwhelmed by the size of each of the fantasy tomes. Even for a young voracious reader, they were intimidating – I wouldn’t pick up my first true fantasy novel until I was a teenager simply because of the length. Escape has all the elements fantasy readers love, in a more accessible package.

I was captivated by the story and setting from the first page. There was no issue seeing where Dime lived, worked and spent her time. I do wish there was a little more description of Dime herself as I couldn’t quite grasp what she looked like.

The setup for the plot was done beautifully and I appreciated the glossary at the beginning of the book. It did take a couple chapters to get used to the various pronouns, though it wasn’t a barrier to enjoying the story. I found the world’s approach to violence refreshing.

Would definitely recommend for readers both new and returning to fantasy.