Pondo’s Review: My Random Death by Myra Mossman

In this riveting, true crime story with a mystical twist, author Myra Mossman shares what she previously kept hidden from law enforcement about the violent crime and her experience with death. To the police it appeared to be a random event. It just happened. She didn’t know the guy. He didn’t know her. Less than an hour after the attack, Myra received five divine directives: move to the other side of the continent; learn to meditate; become skilled at a martial art; study meaningful coincidence; and learn about metaphysics. The sixth divine directive came ten years later when she was called to become a lawyer. For the past forty years, she has spent her time mastering those directives. My Random Death takes readers on a journey across North America and into their souls. It is about courage, triumph over evil and how our perceptions of the everyday, ordinary world can deepen. Ultimately it’s about trusting oneself and how the gift of intuition becomes revealed.

I normally love memoirs but this one just didn’t grab my interest like I thought it would. The pace was inconsistent, with intense detail in some seemingly important parts and not enough in sections that were more necessary to the narrative. Throughout the piece the author would offhandedly mention a fact that occurs in the future from where she is in the narrative, following with a “but I’m getting ahead of myself”. As a reader I thought this meant she would later address what had been introduced, but that never came to fruition.

This memoir has many characters have varying importance, which makes it hard to keep track of any of them. I felt the author didn’t spend enough time explaining who the significant people in her life were. Instead they would just appear – like the fiance I hadn’t even picked up she’d been dating.

From the description I thought this book had potential that was never really reached. It seemed to drone on without much of a traditional narrative or direction.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.