Projects: Untitled (Amanda and Jon)

Collaboration is just as much an art as the comics which result from it. There is much to discuss between the parties; script, panel layout, colouring, and even lettering are up for discussion. Enter the currently untitled comic project from Amanda and Jon featuring their animal family. The comics are simple, humourous and reflective of life through the eyes of the animals people live with. We’re excited to see how this one turns out.


Living with a menagerie of animals would be eventful on its own, but living with these fur balls is a true adventure. The residents of Mowat are rambunctious, spunky, unpredictable, and always looking towards their next meal. Meet Jacob, Ava, Leah, and Neo, four domestic pets trying to make a place for themselves in a small 2 bedroom apartment.

Amanda is a Communications graduate from SFU with a passion for working with non-profit organizations and publishers. She enjoys curling, yoga, walks with her dog, and watching movies with her partner Jon.

Jon Siniecki is Kwantlen University Creative Writing graduate, currently working on his first novel. When not writing, he co-hosts the writing podcast Pondo’s Playground and enjoys spending time with his husky Jacob.