Sebastian’s New Friend

There is a new addition to the home, a large bowl of water with blue stones that glow above a black base.

A 9-month-old cat, Sebastian, watches the humans retrieve another, much smaller, dish that seems to have something in it. He moves in to investigate, but a stray arm pushes him back. His amber eyes dart, searching for a way past. Plop, the water dances as it welcomes its new guest. The arm holding him back vanishes, allowing the force to pass. He jumps on the table and lowers his head to look at what was just dropped inside.

Light purple, near black, and an almost pearl. The colours mingle on the wavy object floating in the water. It moves! He moves closer to confirm what he just witnessed, and it moves again. Slowly it grows, spreading out before shrinking again with a slight wiggle to move once more.

What is that thing?

He lays with his nose to the bowl, watching this little thing move about. It goes up, and down. Left, and right. And any other direction it wants. Standing up he leans over the edge, nose to the water.

Sniff, sniff.

Hey there! I’m Sebastian, are we friends?

Lick, lick.

I think we’re friends, your water is yummy.

Beta fish sees the giant orange fuzzy face hovering above the surface, jagged pink tongue scrapping across the water.

… Maybe it’s friendly.

And then swims towards it.

Sebastian finishes drinking, and moves back over the lip to look inside.

Thanks, bye!