The Twelve Cities by T.J Lockwood

In the wake of an era filled with overpopulation and petty squabbles, the rise of the twelve skyward cities marked the beginning of a new age for humankind. For the first time in decades, the whole world was working together, but all good things must come to an end eventually. Those who rose above the planet’s surface forgot what it was like to be grounded, and those looking up at the technological marvels yearned only to fly. This is the collective story of three women—each from a different place, but not a different time. Their journeys will weave together and pave the way for something greater. The world is constantly changing, but some things, much like human nature, are destined to stay the same. Twelve Cities includes Violent Skies, Urban Heroes, and Gunmetal Greys–all by T.J. Lockwood.