Sh*t Authors Do To Get The Scene Right: Lock Picking (Part 1)

Writers have some peculiar inquiries in their search history. This is a fact not a question. When it comes down to accurately depicting a scene, every writer strives for authenticity and sometimes that means turning to the internet for a how-to guide or video tutorial on something which only make sense for a character on a journey. I often think about the searches I’ve typed into Google and the mini side-quest of understanding they brought. Here are some of my findings.

My current work in progress required a light touch and a deep understanding of keys and tension wrenches.

Several years ago my now-husband gifted me with a set of lockpicks from Sparrows Lock Picks which was an exploration of curiosity more than anything. I’m someone who constantly looks to acquire more skills just because and this looked to be the perfect remedy for my restless mind. Fast forward five years and I’ve created Tek James, a resourceful woman and a character who will need to pick a lock. I’m a couple weeks away from writing this scene, but it will come up and as such the research had to begin.

Thing is… I’m not 100% sure where to start. Looks like it’s online tutorials for me. These are much fancier than the bobby pins and tension wrenches depicted in video games. Tune in next week to see my progress. That scene is coming up fast.