Sh*t Authors Do To Get The Scene Right: Lock Picking (Part 2)

Like with any new skill, it takes time to learn the basics and make solid strides towards progress. Last week was nothing, but play and after several hours of trying holding a tension wrench, it became clear that I was approaching lock picking all wrong.

It’s all about the feel.

After exploring several tips and tutorials, it became clear that I was not relying on my tactile ability nearly enough. As a trained martial artist and athlete I found that I rely quite a bit on the visual and the truth of the matter is there is very little visible when trying to pick a lock. The end result is only achieved through a combination of manipulating the pins whilst putting the right amount of pressure on the tension wrench.

Several techniques and pick options have become quite helpful as well. My first success came with using the raking technique. Am I an expert in this? No. Am I ready to tackle that scene? Maybe. I’ll still need more practice. It’s all about the details.