State of Emergency

As of today, the City of Vancouver has declared a state of emergency. Shortly after, cities like Calgary, and Toronto did the same.  COVID-19 is currently at the forefront of, I dare say, everyone’s mind. However, while people may be thinking about the virus, the degree of common sense in regard to safety varies. I’m not going to pull any punches. I’m disgusted with what people are doing, as a whole.

Here Jacob displays an isolation technique called napping.

Vancouver ordered all restaurants and bars to close down for Saint Patrick’s Day, however some business owners decided that monetary gain was of greater importance than public safety. The Mayor sounded rightfully disappointed, in his speech the following day, with how the order to keep the general safe was blatantly ignored. And I think that’s probably the biggest problem with the virus scare. Beating it would demand every single person to follow the rules to the letter, and there will always be at least one person who thinks, “I’m above the rules.” Maybe not that exact phrase, but whatever mental path a person may take to get to, “Well, not me.” 

Violent Skies can now be downloaded for free.

I saw a news report about Spring Break in Florida, and if you didn’t know what was happening in the world, you’d never know there was a virus outbreak. Thousands of people on the beaches, partying and just having fun in the sun. I’ve never been, but I’m betting that’s what those beaches look like normally in the warm season. However, there is nothing normal about right now, and a gathering of that many people is dangerous. It’s sad, cause the people partying are all around my age, so they’re making the whole generation look bad. A random guy they stopped said, “I’m not going to let it [Canoravirus] stop me from partying.” Then switching to a young woman who said, “I’m more worried for old people, not for me.” 

The smartest thing for everyone to do is to stay home, don’t be close to others, wash your hands regularly, and maybe grab a bag of rice. If I have learned anything from watching Survivor growing up, it’s that if you’re smart about it rice lasts a long time. 

Also Violent Skies by the talented T.J Lockwood is now free for download as we do our part to make staying home a little more bearable. So stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, pick up a hobby, read a book, your home is your oyster!