Summer Change Up

Everyone, Summer will be upon us before we know it. Now, the hot months mean different things to different people. To some it’s about getting the perfect tan down by the beach, while to others it may mean a chance to read a good book (or five). I’d assume, as a giant mechanical Panda, Pondo probably wouldn’t much like the summer heat. I’m not saying I know a lot about pandas, or anything about machinery. But a quick Google search tells me that Pandas aren’t overly fond of excessive heat. I’d imagine it’s quite warm under all that fur… but I digress.

For the Summer of 2019 I have moved back up to the interior of British Columbia. It was all very last minute, but without going into too much detail I am needed with family. Currently I’m not sure how this will affect my participation with the podcast. Physically being there is always the best, in my opinion. I am still committed to doing the blog, so if you’re enjoying having me, there’s some good news. If the Pondo’s Playground must be without me for a while, I know my party will be more than capable to handle whatever quests they find themselves on. Come September I will rejoin the others and we all can resume exploring!

I actually really enjoy that comparison. Pondo’s Playground to an MMO style party. Thief/Assassin, T.J, would lead the trio. Her leadership would be one of calculated precision. I could see deadly combos, with a touch of magic to add to her combat. Steven, a mismatch style of a Sell-Sword would allow him to be ready for really any situation the party might fall into. Long range? He’s gotta bow. Close range? Would you like a: sword, axe, or hammer to kill you today? Knowing me, I would probably end up with a swinging a sword around saying something along the lines of, “Pointy end goes in bad guys!” Protecting my team while taking most targets head on.

Hehe, that’d be cool.