Top 5 Things Having a Dog Has Taught Me

I adopted a 1.5 year old Husky from Kuwait last July. He had been found wandering the seawall in Mahboula after his previous owners dropped him off. When communicating with the shelter organizer, she told me that many of the wealthy individuals in Kuwait would import expensive pure bred puppies only to abandon them when they’re no longer cute. Their loss was definitely our gain and once everything was organized, I was excited to welcome him into our home.

This was what I had been waiting for since I was 13. I researched thoroughly in anticipation for his arrival and thought I had learned everything needed to care for this new four legged family member. I had no idea how much I would learn from the sassy new husky in my life.

1. Patience

Training a husky is no walk in the park. All of the youtube videos of stubborn huskies show the truth – you need to convince these dogs why they should do something. Thankfully our guy is incredibly food motivated and will do almost anything as long as you’re holding something he can eat.

2. Trust

I never thought it would be scary to leave a dog alone in the apartment or for him to wander somewhere that I couldn’t see him. I had to learn that just because he’s not in my sight, it doesn’t mean he’s going to the bathroom in the house or terrorizing the cat.

3. Accountability

He lets me know when I’ve messed up and has no qualms about it. If I miss his regular feeding time, take too long to get home or pay more attention to the cat then him, he makes sure to start the guilt trip. He keeps me accountable to what he feels he deserves and I think that’s fair.

4. Prioritizing

It’s no longer just about me and what I want to do. I’ve had to put the pup in front of staying out late with friends, getting extra work done, watching hours of Netflix and recklessly leaving my treasured belongings around my apartment.

5. Responsibility

Being in the later part of my twenties, I haven’t always been the poster child for responsible decisions. This critter has altered how I make decisions and what needs to be considered. I think about what he needs and how my choices affect him – when he first got here I had to consciously include him, now it’s second nature.

It hasn’t been easy adjusting to the changes that come with caring for another living thing but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Even with the added responsibility of Jacob, I still make time for Mecha Panda. Don’t forget to grab your copy of our recent release Gunmetal Greys or the audiobook of Urban Heroes.


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