We Experienced Technical Difficulties

Hello all!

I wanted to explain the lack of a blog post on my part last week. You see, my little laptop has been acting funky as of late. I would be typing and without warning the computer would just go to sleep. So I’d have to wait for it to wake up again before I could continue typing. Now, I have had enough computers die on me in my life to know the warning signs. So at the first sign of trouble I moved all of Therapeutic Smoke to a flash drive on my keys. (You only lose all your work once before you know not to make that mistake again.)

Currently my dead computer is next to me, waiting to get a proper burial. Now, I don’t have the pocket change to just go out and buy a new laptop so that put me in a bit of a tight spot. Enter T.J. She’s been playing around with computers lately, trying her hand at building a tower, & playing with new operating systems. She’s nicely loaned me one of her old laptops until I can get a new computer.

Now, I’ll be honest, my first thought when this was offered to me was, “An old computer got me in this mess, how is an old computer going to get me out?” I find computers (more so Laptops) aren’t built to last. I got 5 years out of my last little guy, and I hardly used it… makes me miss desktops… Anyways! As it turned out, this laptop was a test subject before her actual computer, so it’s clean, runs like new, and it has Mint Linux. So far it seems neat; T.J said this version is the most like windows, and it is. Or at least, the parts I’ve explored.

At any rate, that’s what’s happening on this end. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop, and make sure you know I haven’t forgotten about you.