Writers go to extreme lengths to get the scene right

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, writers gotta do research. I’m not saying this to call anyone out, if anything I want to shine the spot light on myself for a few moments. But first a little background information: With this semester coming to an end, I’ve decided to take the summer off. Lined up a part-time job with flowers and take my overcooked brain out of the oven. However, what my sub-conscious heard was “Open for ideas on my, personal, work!”

Hey, remember Leah?


I know what she does next.

What’s that?

You need to talk to Tiffany about that.

So, Sunday. April 7, 2019. Tiffany and Steven are over, as per usual. They are on the couch and I’m my computer chair next to it, when Tiffany remembers, “Oh, Jon, you had a question.”

“Oh, right!” I stand, “So, how would you do it?”

“Well like, what are we talking about here? Where is the hand?”

I walk around so I’m standing in front of her. “Low belly.”

“And where is he? Left, or right?”

“Left…so, you’re right?”

She looks down her legs, then around her. The phrase ‘see the gears turning’ comes to mind. “It depends on how they are sitting.”

“I’ll show you.” I sit close next to her. I reach over and grab her legs, then drape them across my lap, wrapping my left arm around her shoulders, I lean in close. “So, like this.”

            Side note: Steven and my girlfriend Amanda are also sitting on the couch.

“Ok. And is his hand under, or just floating around up top?” Tiffany swirls her hand over her pelvis.

I stare at her stomach while I picture in my head where he will be. “I think he be getting brave. You know, few drinks, high school party. Starting to slide under the belt .”

Tiffany and I both look down as she flips up the lip of her hoodie to reveal her small black belt. “Ok so…” She nudges her head forward.

I reach out and grab the top of her belt.

“No, under.”

I pull my hand back slowly before I flatten out my fingers. Then I make contact with her bare skin and begin siding my hand down. Passing under the belt with ease my fingers creep further and further- and in an instant my hand is in the air, a small pain shooting up my right arm and into my shoulder.

“And that’s how you do that.” Tiffany smiles.